( Biomagnetismo, Biomagnetism )


Biomagnetic Balancing is a scientifically based alternative treatment that may help restore and maintain physical and mental health. This therapy uses pairs of magnets on specific points to balance the pH of the body, thus helping the body to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. This therapy also addresses imbalances in dysfunctional organs. Biomagnetic Balancing is highly successful in a broad range of diseases. The Biomagnetic Pair is also a preventive therapy. By bringing the body back into balance, the body can heal itself. The magnets are placed over the clothing, making it a clean, non-invasive, safe, and cheap technique.


Is Biomagnetism similar to Magnet Therapy? No, it is totally different from Magnetic Therapy  -  the only similarity is the use of magnets. 

Biomagnetic Balancing originated in 1988 when Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD of Mexico City, discovered the Biomagnetic Pair (BMP). This therapy screens the body for pH imbalances that could cause a dysfunction in the body.   It restores health by balancing the acidity and alkaline levels of the body when applying magnets of medium intensity to those specific areas. Bacteria, parasites, virus, and fungus each need a particular pH to flourish. This therapy neutralizes the pH of the area by pushing the charges to each other thus neutralizing the imbalance. With this technique, pathogens immediately die because they cannot survive in a neutral pH environment.  Once the pH is neutralized, cells can function normally and the body begins healing itself.