Books & Recommended Reading


HEALING IS VOLTAGE: The Handbook,  by Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD

We are constantlly wearing out our cells and have to replace them.   We get new cones in our retina and replace the lining of our gut every 2-3 days.  We replace our skin every 6 weeks and our liver every 8 weeks.  Chronic disease occurs when we lose our ability to make new cells.  This book discusses, in detail, the science behind how the body works and how to keep it functioning at its best.

(560 pages)



3 MINUTES TO A PAIN-FREE LIFE: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief  by Dr. Joseph Weisberg, P.T., Ph.D., and Heidi Shink

At the heart of Dr. Weisberg's system is the 3-Minute Maintenance Method - a unique program for all ages and fitness levels that eliminates the conditions that cause pain in the first place.  By utilizing six different thirty-second therapeutic movements the program makes it possible for the body to keep itself free of pain.




This is not a diet book. It’s a book about the pure science behind why diets don’t work long-term for the majority of people. Forget everything you have ever heard about dieting and being overweight!  The Metabolic Storm addresses the science that obliterates those myths about diets and weight gain.  Dr. Cooper is a physician board certified in Obesity Medicine, Family Medicine, and Sports Medicine. 




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