The Exercise to Cure 10,000 Diseases - QiGong


PRIVATE SESSIONS AVAILABLE INCLUDING:  Eight Movement Set for Whole Body Wellness; Six Movement Set for Organ Health; Lymph and Wellness Set for Bed & Wheel Chair Bound Persons; Swimming Dragon for Spine Health, Weight Control, and Rejeuvenation


In the slow-moving Chinese exercise of Qigong (Chee Gong), there is a saying, “If you do the Internal exercises you do not have to do the External exercises; but if you do the External exercises, you must do the Internal exercises.” These ancient self-care methods whose roots are thousands of years old, are the originators of the original mind/body/spirit connection -  including the basis for the Asian martial arts traditions.  As we age and face loosing our physical strength and mobility, tapping into these techniques can provide us with powerful resources to maintain our health and independence.


In The Last Well Person: How to Stay Well Despite the Health-Care System, the author and M.D., Dr. Nortin M. Hadler’s statistical studies link health to income – not because of the improved medical care that money can buy, but instead because income allows one the space and time for self-care. But if health is linked to income, where do we come up with the financial resources for those that cannot afford “self-care?” If the attainment of fitness is limited to those that have access to personal trainers, health club memberships, expensive equipment, fitness classes, or neighborhoods that are safe enough to walk or play in, then it will be difficult to provide the resources for all our citizens.


The present health care crisis does not just stem from lack of time and resources for self-care, but it also originates in a limited definition of fitness and the methods to attain that fitness. Our idea of fitness needs to be expanded to include more than just the musculoskeletal system. We in the West generally focus on the external (aerobics, weight lifting, and so forth).  In fact, most of us are not even aware that there is anything except the external. One option is to expand our fitness toolbox with methods drawn from Traditional Oriental Medicine. These exercise forms require no equipment, very little time or space, and can benefit anyone of any fitness level - including bed or wheel-chair bound persons as well as peak athletes.



SWIMMING DRAGO- A Simple & Easy Movement for Whole Body Health


* Takes only a few minutes a day

* A comprehensive system of care for the internal organs

* Increases & balances energy 

* Reduces weight without dieting & stimulates metabolism

* Creates beautiful skin & helps eliminate wrinkles

* Reduces tension by relaxing the body & calming the mind

* Improves muscle tone & enhances flexibility in the joints

* Adjusts & stretches the spine

*Sends energy to vital organs by stimulating meridians

* Naturally improves posture

* Massages deep muscles all the way to the bone

* Frees & deepens breathing


(The Swimming Dragon by Master Tzu Kuo Shih,

a fifth generation doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & first in the West

to teach the Swimming Dragon)


























Three Minutes to a Pain Free Life

by Dr. Joseph Weisberg, P.T. Ph.D., and Heidi Shink




"Chronic pain, like acute pain, is a warning sign that something is wrong.  Whereas acute pain is indicative of an overt problem, chronic pain is indicative of an underlying one.  More specifically, it is an indication that the mechanical function of your musculoskeletal system has been compromised in some way.  The Weisberg Way techiniques include:


*  The 3-Minute Maintenance Method:  A daily program made up of six 30-second therapeutic movements, which improves and maintains your optimal musculoskeletal health while preventing nearly all types of general aches and pains.


*  The Encyclopedia of Pain Relief:  a series of targeted, body-part specific therapeutic movements that rapidly relieve existing pain from head to toe.


*  The 3-Month Tune-Up:  a series of dianostic tests and therapeutic movements applied once every three months that tune up and monitor the health of your body."

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