It is at this point Archimedes would have said “Eureka”. . . My Greek is not that good so I'll just say “dang it.” When looking for a healing system it seems that most of the “scientific systems” out there are not even 100 years old, many not older than the magazine rack at the grocery store . . . but, Traditional Chinese Medicine has already “been there, done that.” They have accumulated thousands of years of empirical wisdom regarding the healing and care of the human body. This is where the search for a new paradigm begins . . .

. . . When Nixon made his famous trip to China, I was studying Chinese history. I became fascinated with acupuncture, one of the tools for the self-care systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In a country with millions of people who will never have access to sophisticated Western medical systems, preventive care is a critical resource. I used acupuncture for many years without recognizing it for the powerful wellness tool that it is . . . until I injured my back in 1998 and began my personal search for pain relief and restoration of fitness.

Talk about frustrating . . . If you are over 40 years old you know what I am talking about . . . Some said aerobics was the answer. Others insisted upon weight lifting. The theories of fitness changed as often as the magazine covers. The same could be said of the health food, nutrition, and diet industries. Even nutritionists couldn't seem to agree on whether the food pyramid should be an inverted triangle, a circle, or a rorschach ink blot. I felt like a guinea pig and marketing target for whatever fad was cycling through the nutritional, medical, and fitness markets. Then I had another “Dang it” moment. Billions of dollars are at stake here. Simple self-care methods would certainly cut into someone's bottom line. “Double Dang It !!!”

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