Pennies VS Dollars . . . Or . . . The Luck Of The Womb

And then there is “that” . . . some of us did not win the genetic lottery . . . some of us were born with just a few genetic pennies . . . some of us were born with a million genetic bucks. Some people can do everything right and still fall apart early. Some people can do everything wrong and make it to 100 without a bump in the road. If you haven't figured it out by now, life is just not fair.

The challenge of life is ultimately to do the best with what we are given in the time we are given. My son-in-law's uncle, who was confined to a wheel chair from polio, contributed more in his lifetime than a hundred of us put together. So get over the genetic lottery thing. It's sort of like making a recipe with what you have in your cupboard. Some of those recipes are the best. Our bodies may not be perfect and health does not last forever for any of us, but as the saying goes . . . “If life throws you a lemon, make lemonade....and then find someone that life threw vodka to . . . and make a party.” Well, anyway, you get the idea . . .

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