The Good News Is . . . Our Bodies Know How to Fix Themselves . . . That's Why We Don't Look

Our bodies are self-repairing organisms. Remember when you almost cut your finger off chopping carrots? You were bleeding everywhere, and your two kids were crying, and you had to take those two crying kids to the Emergency Room with you, and everyone was looking at you and wishing you would shut those kids up, and you waited for an hour with a compress on your hand, and while you were filling out forms to see the doctor, your younger child ate cheerios off the floor, and two hours later your finger was stitched back together....then you stopped and got fast food to go, and you beat yourself up because your kids were not going to get that nice home cooked meal with the chopped carrots, and . . . WHOA ! ! ! That was a very long story that illustrates how our lives can domino out of control. These scenarios are not on your to-do list....they never are.

Having that nice ER to go to was an amazing luxury that I would not want to do without . . . better than being a pioneer out on the prairie, miles from civilization, and bleeding to death. The doctor stopped the bleeding and stitched the cut. He doused the wound with a disinfectant and the pain meds he prescribed helped you get through the next few hours. Three days later you are back to chopping carrots.

But, throughout those three days, our body had it's own agenda? The doctor helped to keep the wound stable until the body took over. Even though we couldn't see it, the body started working immediately sending little fibers to stop the blood flow, sending cells to kill any germs that made it in through the cut, sending other cells to start repairing the skin. Our bodies ultimately did the healing and self-repair. If our bodies did not do this, we would be walking around looking like Frankenstein - with stitches still in our knees, and elbows, and head, and any other body part we managed to crack open.

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