This Is Not Rocket Science . . . How To Get Well And Stay Well

This is not rocket science . . . According to Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, it boils down to

(1) giving the body the raw materials it needs to make new cells

(2) getting rid of toxins, heavy metals, and misplaced critters like bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites

(3) giving the body Voltage.

(1) Giving the body what it needs to make new cells is a fairly simple concept . . . eat a variety of real foods in moderation . . . BUT, and there is always a "but" . . . a lot of the nutrients we need are not in our food anymore. Trying to figure out what is missing can involve guesswork and expensive lab tests, resulting in scores of supplement bottles on the kitchen counter . . . Finding a simpler way is the goal. (To be addressed in the Nutrition catergory of this website).

And, it's not just what we eat, it's how we eat . . . That big ole glass of Texas iced tea (or iced water) with your meal puts a damper on the stomach function. How many times does that waitress who is doing her job refill your iced cold drink? Same goes for too much cold, raw food. The stomach likes things to be warm. Think of trying to wash some greasy dishes with cold water. That's what the stomach has to do when you pour a huge glass of iced water over your lunch. So when you are ill or recovering from the birth of a child, the mantra should be "How can I make the stomach's job easier."

Traditional Chinese Medicine blames our Western habit of too many cold, raw foods for a condition called Dampness. . . think of a swamp that does not drain off VS a beautiful, clear flowing stream. Dampness leads to everything from obesity, to allergies, to menstrual problems, to auto-immune responses, and on and on. Notice, I did NOT say quit drinking iced tea or eating salads or raw food. Just think smaller when it comes to cold, raw food and drinks. How about small sips from a small glass instead? Or on a hot day drink that big iced drink separate from your food? Try adding some warmth to the meal . . . think soup, hot drinks, cooked vegetables. Remember the olden days when three hot meals a day was the norm? There is a reason people used to correlate health and hot meals. If you love raw, Juicing is a little easier on the body because the hard work of the stomach has been done by the machine.

To complicate things further, some people do not have the raw materials to manufacture adequate stomach acid or digestive enzymes. As we age, our digestion just doesn't work as well. Nutritional support can help with this. (To be addressed further in the Nutrition category of this website).

And last but not least, if we are chronically stressed, our digestive system is not going to be very efficient.

Remember, we can give the body great food but if the digestive system is not working, it's going in one door and out the other. Sometimes whatever is not digested can end up in the blood stream, causing the body to think it has been invaded by aliens. . . .These are called auto-immune responses (think Allergies, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, etc.).

(2) Toxins . . . Yikes! They are all around us. What's really in that face lotion? What about the gas fumes we inhale while biking down the road? What about the mercury in our teeth? What about the cell phone in your pocket? What about the plastic containers that are everywhere? Educating ourselves can help us avoid a lot of these bad things.

And those critters . . They are on that yummy apple in our lunch box. They are on our pets. They are on our loved ones. They are in the hospital. They are in the schools. They are lurking EVERYWHERE. The good news is, if we keep our cell voltage (pH) in the proper range, they can't grow . . . This is where Biomagnetic Therapy does its job of balancing the pH of the body. Those critters can't stand a neutral pH. Giving the body enough voltage can help too.

(3) And finally . . . what the heck is Voltage? Voltage is like the battery of the cell. It is the energy that makes the cell work. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is called Qi (chee). To make a new cell, we must have a voltage of -50 millivolts. The good news is that there are ways to get voltage for free. It is called movement. The muscles are basically voltage generators. Going out on the grass barefooted also gives us voltage because the surface of the earth has a negative charge. Unprocessed food contains voltage. Water from the gound contains voltage. A nice hug gives us voltage. We are meant to obtain voltage through daily living. Unfortunately, modern life has taken away many of these voltage generators and sometimes we need a little help. Here is where the Biomodulator Technology can work wonders to recharge the cell batteries.

. . . It's not Rocket Science . . . If you give the body the nutrition it needs, get rid of the bad stuff, and add voltage, the body will naturally move toward healing.

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