Turf Wars = Paleo VS Vegan VS Gluten Free VS Atkins VS South Beach VS Ad Infinitum

Have you ever been trapped between a Vegan and a Paleo? It is more frightening than the scene in Jurassic Park where the Raptor chases the kids around in the kitchen.

There is a reason that humans are generally Omnivores. For however many thousands of years humans have walked the earth, food choices have been based on survival and the avoidance of famine. If the tribe killed a woolly mammoth that was what was for lunch. If someone found some juicy grubs those were the appetizers. If they had a couple of hours to hang around the watering hole, they munched on grains of rice growing nearby. Just the fact that we have food choices today is a step up for mankind. For maybe the first time in history people can afford to be picky eaters.

Today these food choices have generated a whole industry of experts. But, the reality is - there is no place to get an MBA in Mother Nature's Food Choices. In the USA, we come out with a new, no-fail diet book about once a month. We may not be feeding ourselves on these special diets but we are certainly feeding the economy. And the emotions attached to food rules have resulted in numerous psychological disorders. There is even a condition called Orthorexia Nervosa. “Orthorexia" is a term coined by Steven Bratman, MD to describe his own experience with food and eating. It is not an officially recognized disorder in the DSM-5, but is similar to other eating disorders . . . Orthorexics obsess about healthy eating.


When it comes to food choices, keep your perspective, eat in moderation, and enjoy the variety.

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