What The Heck Is Quantum Medicine . . . Or . . . Beam Me Up Scotty

....At about the same time I was having my Eureka revelation with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I was introduced to the Russian SCENAR . . . fondly known as the Star Trek device. You might describe this tool as a space-aged medical technology based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine. The SCENAR was cooked up by the Soviets for their space program. They needed some sort of wonder machine that could fix any and all medical problems encountered in space and not take up any more room than a TV remote. The SCENAR introduced me to the concept of Quantum medicine. Up until that time, the word "Quantum" always made me think of Einstein and big hair. This is better than big hair.

Western medicine is generally based on Newtonian medicine and the physics of Sir Issac Newton. Newtonian medicine looks at the body as a machine to be maintained and repaired from the outside. . . think auto mechanic. . . replacing parts and putting in new oil.

On the other hand, Quantum medicine, like Quantum physics, looks at the body as an energetic matrix, with its smallest components being the negatively / positively charged particles of the atom. In this world, BALANCE is everything. It's what makes the atom go round. In basic Anatomy /Physiology classes, we learn that it is the interplay of negatively / positively charged particles that form the basis of all body processes . . . Put the negative side of a magnet near the positive side of the magnet and there is no holding them back. This is a Western scientific way to describe the TCM concept of balancing the Yin and Yang . . . In TCM, the Yin is the negative and the Yang is the positive . . . So here we have it . . . an old Paradigm that just got recognized by Quantum physicists . . . Here is where Spock would have said "Dang it" . . .

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