Why The Rabbit Will Never Beat The Tortoise . . . Or . . . Hoping For A Magic Bullet Is A "Shoo

I know, this is very unpleasant news for all of us. If our bodies are not working properly, it means something is out of balance. Some of these “unbalancers” are called “Life” and can't always be avoided. Not everything is in our control. Nevertheless, if we nourish the things within our power, it is often enough for a rich and fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts to fix “unbalanced.” There is no magic food, no magic supplement, no magic exercise, no magic medication, no magic diet, no magic person, no magic therapy, no magic bullet ANYWHERE . . .

I think you get the message. THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET OUT THERE THAT IS GOING TO INSTANTLY FIX WHATEVER IT IS THAT NEEDS FIXING. . . But, like the Tortoise in the race against the Hare, slow and steady wins the race. It is the small, daily habits that make a difference over the long haul. Slow and steady can help us to restore Balance.

*"Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory" originally sung by Traffic

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